Secure Shipping

Safe & Secured

To ensure that all your possessions are handled safely, we provide full coverage insurance on your goods while they are in our possession. Furthermore, the items are accessed under primitive video recording, after which it is sealed in tamper-proof bags.

Once your items are evaluated by our experts they are safely kept in our high-security vaults to ensure their safe handling.

We deal with primitive shipping carriers depending on the client’s location and what is easily accessible for them.

Initially when the items are evaluated by our experts and our offer is accepted by the client, we provide them with a prepaid shipping label along with essential guidelines on shipping and packing of their goods.

The client must use the shipping label and follow the instructions to guarantee insurance coverage.

Guidelines For Shipping Your Items

All the packages must be double-packed to add an extra layer of protection to avoid mishandling of items. Clients are requested to pack their items using bubble wrap, tissue paper, etc to prevent unnecessary rattling while they are in transit.

The items should be packed discreetly in a safe place and not in a carrier facility to prevent any unwanted attention.

The content of the shipment should not be mentioned anywhere on the package and the client should refrain from using any jewelry-related term on the outside of the package.

Place the prepaid shipping label on the package and drop it off at a nearby carrier location. Have the package scanned and collect a receipt while at the carrier location to enable Discreet Funding’s Insurance coverage.

Most packages are shipped overnight which enables us to complete the transactions within 24 hours.

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