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The South’s Leading Jewelry Buyer

Diamond jewelry is filled with multiple emotions and therefore finding a trustworthy diamond buyer can be daunting for customers. Moreover, finding a reliable buyer who can evaluate the jewelry in your best interest makes the entire process quite challenging.

Getting your jewelry evaluated based on the current market value is your best bet at securing the right value for your items. Reputable jewelry buyers will ensure that your jewelry is evaluated efficiently and you get the best returns as per the worth of your items. And that is why Discreet Funding stands out as the premier buyer in the South.

At Discreet Funding we focus on making your buying and selling experience smooth and hassle-free. Our buying experience caters to the need of clients who are looking for a secure, simple, and fast means of financing their jewelry pieces.

Each member of our team is well qualified in their area of expertise which makes your selling experience with us truly worthwhile. With Discreet Funding, you will get the best value for your money, every time you make a trade with us.

What Types Of Jewelry Are We Interested In Buying ?

  • DIAMOND ENGAGEMENT RINGS: We accept diamond engagement rings in different shapes and sizes. We also pay you based on your ring settings. Moreover, we actively invest in diamond rings of different styles including solitaire, three-stone, and more.
  • EARRINGS: From diamond studs, diamond hoops, diamond drop earrings, diamond dangles to designer diamond earrings we buy them all.
  • PENDANTS & NECKLACES: We accept a wide range of styles in diamond pendants and necklaces. We purchase items ranging from diamond solitaire pendants, diamond Rivera pendants, diamond fashion pendants, and more.
  • TENNIS BRACELETS: Sell your tennis bracelet to acquire great value in return. We accept bracelets made with different metals like gold and platinum with distinctive quality ranging from mediocre to the best.
  • ESTATE JEWELRY: We discreetly understand the value of different jewelry pieces by their market values and therefore we can maximize clients’ return on an entire jewelry collection. If you are willing to sell multiple pieces to an entire estate composed of hundreds of items we are here for you.
  • ANTIQUE CUT DIAMONDS: We readily accept cut loose diamonds, diamond rings, and a variety of other jewelry pieces. We also provide a great value in return for Old European Cut, Old Mine cut, Circular Brilliant cut, Antique Cushion Cut, and more.
  • SIGNED & DESIGNER JEWELRY: We are willing to accept designer jewelry from top-rated jewelry designers like Tiffany & Co., Harry Winston, Van Cleef & Arpels, Cartier, Graff, and more.
  • FINE WATCHES: We accept Rolex, Patek Phillippe, AP, Cartier, and other fine watch brands.

Why Are We Your Best Choice

To ensure the best outcome for your trades you need to deal with someone who is well acquainted with a vast chain of jewelers, who are willing to buy the jewelry you wish to sell for a maximum price.

At Discreet Funding you will get the maximum value on your jewelry pieces as we are well capitalized to complete a payment instantly at maximum value.

We provide instant payments no matter what item you bring to us. We work strenuously to ensure that you secure the best deals and returns as per the worthiness of your items.

Why Should You Sell Your Jewelry At Discreet Funding ?

  • RAPID+RATIONAL: We primarily focus on the needs of our customers which enables us to ensure speed and ease of transaction which is rudimentary to every client. We are extensively trained to understand the emotional parameters when it comes to selling a piece of jewelry. Therefore, we are rational and polite towards our customers.
  • MAXIMUM PURCHASE PRICE: Discreet Funding operates storefronts as Antwerp Diamonds in both Buckhead, GA (Atlanta) and Roswell. GA, and are members of two of the largest wholesale jewelry networks, therefore we can offer more for your fine jewelry and watches.
  • EASE OF PROCESSING: Discreet Funding maintains unparalleled communication with the various high-end buyers in the industry, to ensure a prompt and well-organized workflow as well as instantaneous payments.
  • SAFETY & VALUES:: We maintain an A+ rating with the BBB and truly operate from a set of company values that are client-driven. Discreet Funding follows rigorous tracking and video recording procedures. We treat your valuables with utmost care.



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